How Much To Tip Pizza Delivery

Looking for how much to tip? We’ve all experienced it: dinner time arrives, everyone’s famished, and the fridge is nearly empty. Fortunately, ordering food delivery is now simpler than ever. Whether you opt for traditional pizza delivery or explore the variety of food delivery apps available, chances are high that your favorite restaurant dishes can be delivered straight to your doorstep.

However, the dilemma remains: figuring out the appropriate tip amount can still be quite awkward. To address this, we’ve compiled a useful guide on how much to tip for pizza delivery (and for all other situations in 2024).

What is the minimum tip?

When scouring the internet, it’s evident that a $5 minimum is widely accepted. (For residents of small towns with limited driving distances, experts suggest a $3 minimum.) Given the increasing preference for takeout and delivery, many now tip based on the dine-in standard of 15-20% of the total bill.

Consider the driver’s time spent fetching the food, driving to your location, waiting, and returning to the restaurant – easily 20 minutes or more. Reflect: Would I undertake that journey for less?

Keep in mind that most delivery drivers use their own vehicles, covering all costs including gas, and endure the enduring scent of pepperoni pizza in their upholstery. (Unless robots take over pizza delivery duties!)

Do delivery fees change the minimum tip?

The delivery or service fees you paid to the restaurant or food delivery app likely do not directly benefit the driver. Generally, these fees are intended to cover operational costs for the food delivery service. Both the restaurant and the driver often consider tips as part of the driver’s earnings, so it’s advisable not to overlook tipping. Remember, the etiquette for tipping on takeout orders may differ from that for delivery services.

When should you tip more than the minimum?

For orders meeting the specified criteria, consider tipping more – aim for at least 20%.

    • Inclement weather, such as sleet or snow (though it’s advisable not to order during such conditions)

    • Large orders for parties (e.g., 10 pizzas or numerous entrees with multiple sides)

    • Deliveries beyond the standard range

    • When the driver provided updates or exceeded expectations in service

Should you ever tip less than the minimum?

If the driver behaves rudely, damages your prized flower beds, mishandles the food, or commits any other obvious offense, it’s acceptable to give a reduced tip.

When the food is delivered late or cold, it could be the restaurant’s fault rather than the driver’s. If you encounter issues with the food, it’s advisable to tip the driver minimally, then contact the restaurant to address your concerns. They might offer solutions like refunds or coupons to rectify the situation.

How Much Does a Pizza Delivery Driver Make?

The earnings of pizza delivery drivers can vary significantly. Their compensation typically consists of a base hourly wage plus tips. Additionally, while some pizzerias compensate drivers for vehicle mileage, others might offer a company car or no reimbursement at all, which is an important factor to consider given the substantial wear and tear on drivers’ personal vehicles. Expenses such as more frequent oil changes and tire replacements can add up quickly.

By law, every state requires that employee wages meet or exceed the minimum wage, with tips often included in this calculation. Given the tip-dependent nature of the job, many drivers start at an hourly rate close to the minimum wage. Some establishments may also offer a small additional fee per delivery, usually under $2.00.

Consequently, the total income for delivery drivers can be quite unpredictable, varying week by week based on factors like the amount of tips received, the distance covered if compensated for mileage, and the overall business volume of the restaurant.

In the United States, the average salary for a pizza delivery driver starts at around $37,000 annually and can go up to about $56,000, with a median income of approximately $47,000. However, earnings can be significantly lower in certain states, with some regions reporting annual incomes as low as $24,000 or less for delivery drivers. The geographical location can substantially influence a driver’s earnings, with significant variations across different states.

How Much Do You Tip for a $20 Pizza Delivery?

When ordering pizza for just one or two individuals, the total cost, including the pizza, delivery charges, taxes, and any extra items such as beverages or sides, typically amounts to about $20.00. For orders of this size, a tip of $3.00 is usually considered appropriate. This tipping guideline is applicable to smaller orders as well, although it’s important to note that many pizzerias enforce a minimum order value for delivery eligibility.

Once your order exceeds the $20.00 threshold, it is recommended by pizza aficionados to tip the delivery person at least $5.00 for each order.

Is $5 a Good Tip for Pizza Delivery?

For orders over $20.00, a $5.00 driver tip is considered the minimum for good etiquette. However, for larger orders with multiple items like pizzas, sides, and drinks, it’s thoughtful to tip more. Managing these bigger orders can be challenging, taking up space in the car needed for other deliveries and requiring multiple trips to your door.

This is particularly important when the pizza delivery is for a special event like a child’s birthday or an office lunch. In such cases, it’s appropriate to give larger tips. Keep in mind that handling large orders, especially if there are multiple deliveries or if there are stairs or elevators involved, can be physically demanding. Moving heavy pizzas around can quickly become strenuous physical work.

Should You Tip a Flat Dollar Amount or Percentage of Price?

Determining the appropriate tip for a pizza delivery person has been a subject of ongoing debate. One aspect of this discussion revolves around whether to tip a fixed dollar amount or a percentage of the total bill. According to pizza experts, a $3.00 tip for a small order is customary, while it is recommended to tip at least $5.00 for larger orders. For substantial orders, it is advised to consider a percentage-based tip rather than a flat rate.

Ultimately, the decision on how much to tip rests with you. If you encounter subpar service, errors in your order, impolite behavior from the driver, or an unsatisfactory experience, tipping below the standard amount may be warranted. Nonetheless, it is crucial to acknowledge that mistakes in your order are typically not the driver’s responsibility. They deliver what the restaurant prepares and carry out their assigned duties. In case of order discrepancies, refrain from attributing blame to the driver. Instead, contact the restaurant to address the issue; they often offer solutions to rectify the situation.

How Much To Tip During the Order or In Person?

In this digital age where almost everything can be done online, from ordering to tipping for pizza delivery, the question arises: When is the appropriate time to tip? There’s a saying that “cash is king,” and many drivers appreciate cash tips upon arrival.

It’s important to note that once you tip online during the purchase, you can’t modify the tip amount. Therefore, if your driver exceeds expectations, consider giving them extra cash upon delivery. Traditionally, people are used to tipping delivery drivers with cash or by signing a receipt upon their arrival. Both methods of tipping are completely acceptable.

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