Moes Bbq Orange Beach

Moe’s BBQ Orange Beach is an oasis for barbecue aficionados. Located in the heart of Alabama’s beautiful Gulf Coast, this restaurant offers a unique and delicious dining experience that can’t be found anywhere else. Whether you’re looking for succulent ribs or hearty sandwiches, Moe’s has something to tantalize your taste buds. Let’s dive into what makes this eatery so special!

From its mouth-watering menu to its laidback atmosphere, it’s no wonder why people keep coming back to Moe’s BBQ Orange Beach. This family-friendly establishment serves up some of the finest slow-smoked barbeque around with their signature flavors and homemade sides like mac & cheese and coleslaw. The prices are also very affordable – perfect for a casual night out with friends or family! And if you can’t make it inside, they offer takeout options as well as catering services.

For those who appreciate quality food without breaking the bank, Moe’s BBQ Orange Beach is definitely worth checking out. With tasty treats made from scratch daily and friendly service, you’re sure to have an incredible meal here every time. So grab your appetite and get ready for a flavor explosion – Moe’s awaits!

Menu Highlights

Moe’s BBQ Orange Beach offers a variety of delicious options for every taste. From classic smoked meats to signature sandwiches, there’s something to satisfy everyone’s appetite. Our slow-cooked pork is served with two sides that are sure to tantalize your taste buds. The pulled chicken sandwich comes with fries and coleslaw, while the brisket platter packs a powerful punch. For those who prefer seafood, our grilled shrimp tacos or fried catfish po’boy will hit the spot. We also offer daily specials that can’t be missed! Kids meals come with a choice of chicken tenders or hamburger plus one side dish like macaroni & cheese or tater tots. Dessert lovers won’t want to pass up our oversized brownie sundae complete with ice cream, chocolate sauce, and whipped cream. Whether you’re looking for lunch or dinner, Moe’s BBQ has it all!

Dining Experience

At Moes BBQ Orange Beach, the dining experience is one that will be remembered. The service is friendly and efficient, with staff members making sure each diner’s needs are taken care of.

The atmosphere is cozy and inviting, with an open-air seating area overlooking the beach. It has a relaxed vibe that encourages conversation among diners while enjoying their meal. Plus, the outdoor patio provides plenty of room to socialize and take in the beautiful views of the ocean.

The menu offers something for everyone, from salads to sandwiches to barbecue favorites like ribs and pulled pork. Each dish comes out fresh and flavorful, made with locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. There’s even a selection of craft beers to pair with your meal!

The food at Moes BBQ Orange Beach is definitely worth coming back for more – it’s some of the best around! Whether you’re looking for lunch or dinner, this restaurant won’t disappoint. From its great food to its relaxing atmosphere, there’s no doubt that you’ll have a memorable time here.

Customer Reviews

Customers of Moe’s BBQ Orange Beach have been overwhelmingly pleased with their experience. With great service, delicious ribs and other barbecue favorites, customers can’t get enough. One customer called it “the best BBQ I’ve ever had!” Another said that the staff was friendly and accommodating – a crucial asset to any restaurant!

The atmosphere at Moe’s is warm and inviting. It has an old-fashioned diner feel which makes people want to stay for hours on end. The decor is simple yet tasteful, giving off an air of relaxation and comfortability. Visitors love the fact that they can sit back and enjoy themselves without feeling rushed or out of place.

No matter what you’re in the mood for, there’s something to satisfy everyone at Moe’s BBQ Orange Beach. From succulent pulled pork sandwiches to mouthwatering ribs, guests are always left satisfied after dining here. Even picky eaters will find something they like! Prices are also reasonable so anyone can afford a meal here no problem.

Overall, Moe’s BBQ Orange Beach offers everything you could possibly need for a great evening out – good food, pleasant atmosphere and excellent service all rolled into one package. Whether you’re visiting from out of town or just looking for a new spot to grab dinner with friends or family, this is definitely worth checking out!

Special Events & Catering Services

At Moe’s BBQ Orange Beach, we offer a variety of catering services and special events for all of your needs. Whether it’s an intimate gathering or a large-scale event, our team is here to make sure you have the best experience possible. Our services include everything from drop off meals to full service catering with servers. We also provide custom bar packages that can be tailored to any budget.

We specialize in tailoring each event to meet the individual client’s desires. From start to finish, our staff will work with you every step of the way ensuring your vision becomes reality. We are passionate about delivering exceptional customer service and creating unforgettable experiences for both you and your guests. Our team will help plan out every detail so that no stress is left on your shoulders during this important day.

Our menu consists of delicious Southern classics such as pulled pork sandwiches, smoked ribs, fried chicken wings and more! All dishes are made fresh daily using only the freshest ingredients available. Our food is guaranteed to please even the pickiest eaters at your event. And don’t forget the dessert – our homemade banana pudding has been known to put smiles on everyone’s faces!

We look forward to helping create memories that last a lifetime at your next special occasion! Contact us today if you would like more information about how we can cater your next big event.

History Of Moes Bbq

Moes BBQ has been a staple of Orange Beach, Alabama for over 25 years. Founded in 1995 by Moe Roberts and his son, Moes BBQ started out as a small family-owned restaurant serving up classic Southern cuisine. Since then, it has grown to become one of the most popular restaurants on the Gulf Coast.

The menu at Moes BBQ is full of all your favorite flavors from slow-cooked ribs and pulled pork to smoked chicken and steak. There are also plenty of hearty sides like macaroni & cheese, coleslaw, and hush puppies to choose from. All dishes are cooked fresh daily with only quality ingredients.

At Moes BBQ, atmosphere matters just as much as food does. The restaurant features an open kitchen concept so guests can watch their meals being prepared right before their eyes. The walls are decorated with local art that showcases the beauty of coastal living while adding a bit of flair to the decor.

Moe Roberts’ vision was always to create a place where people could come together to enjoy good food and great company – something he’s managed to do successfully for more than two decades now. He continues to be involved in every aspect of running the business today, making sure each customer leaves happy and satisfied every time they visit Moes BBQ.

Signature Sauces & Seasonings

Moe’s BBQ Orange Beach is renowned for its signature sauces and seasonings. From the classic Alabama white sauce to Moe’s own special blends, the restaurant offers a variety of flavors that will tantalize your taste buds. Here are some of their most popular sauces and seasonings:

  • Alabama White Sauce – This savory condiment made with mayonnaise, apple cider vinegar, horseradish, black pepper, sugar, lemon juice, and other spices has been a favorite since Moe’s inception in 2001. It goes great on any sandwich or salad.
  • BBQ Spice Rubs – Enjoy the unique flavor combinations offered by Moe’s such as garlic herb rubs and smoked paprika & brown sugar rubs. These spice mixes can be used on anything from chicken wings to pork ribs!
  • Hickory Smoked Salt – For an extra smoky kick, try out this delightful blend of hickory smoked salt and herbs. Add it to burgers or fries for an unforgettable taste experience!

These signature sauces and seasonings have helped make Moes BBQ Orange Beach one of the premier barbecue destinations in the South. Whether you’re looking for something sweet or spicy — there’s sure to be something here that will satisfy even the pickiest palate!

Popular Dishes & Combos

Moe’s BBQ Orange Beach is known for its delicious and mouth-watering dishes. The restaurant’s most popular dish is the classic pulled pork sandwich, served with a side of coleslaw. Other favorites include their famous ribs, chicken wings, mac n’ cheese, baked beans and collard greens.

Their combos are also a hit among customers. For those who want to try something new or different, they can opt for the combo platter that includes an array of Moe’s BBQ specialties such as smoked brisket, pulled pork, baby back ribs and two sides like fries and slaw. There’s also the “BBQ Meal Deal” which offers up generous portions of slow-cooked meats like turkey breast and beef brisket along with three sides like fries, mashed potatoes or sweet cornbread muffins.

Customers looking for a meatless option can choose from Moe’s Veggie Plate which comes loaded with grilled veggies like zucchini squash and mushrooms covered in melted cheese sauce – perfect for vegetarians! Those seeking lighter fare can go for their salads featuring fresh vegetables tossed in their housemade dressing.

No matter what you order at Moes BBQ Orange Beach you won’t be disappointed – it’s all good! Everything on the menu is made to order using only the freshest ingredients so you know your meal will be truly satisfying every time.

Takeout Options & Delivery Services

Moe’s BBQ Orange Beach offers a variety of takeout options and delivery services. Whether you’re looking for quick, on-the-go meal or would like to enjoy a full spread in the comfort of your home, Moe’s has it covered.

Customers can order their favorite items from Moe’s online or by phone for pickup at the restaurant. They also offer catering services with platters that include meats, sides, desserts, and beverages. Orders over $200 qualify for free delivery within 15 miles of the restaurant.

Delivery is available through third party apps such as DoorDash and Grubhub so customers have more choices when ordering out. Customers can pay directly on these platforms using credit cards or other forms of payment methods offered. All orders are prepared fresh upon arrival ensuring quality food every time. Plus, they provide complimentary utensils and napkins with all deliveries!

At Moe’s BBQ Orange Beach, there’s something for everyone whether dining in or taking out! Their delicious offerings combined with convenient takeaway and delivery services make them an ideal spot for enjoying classic Southern barbecue any day of the week.

Online Ordering System

Moe’s BBQ Orange Beach is proud to offer an online ordering system for its customers. Our easy-to-use platform makes ordering food and drinks quick and convenient. Customers can choose from a variety of items, including entrees, sides, appetizers, desserts, and more. They can customize their orders with sauces or toppings, pick up in store or have it delivered right to their door. With our secure payment process users don’t need to worry about entering any sensitive information.

The online ordering system also provides helpful features such as the ability to save favorite orders for future use. This eliminates time spent selecting options each time you place an order. There’s also an option to add special instructions so that your meal arrives just the way you want it. Allergen info is provided on every item so those with dietary restrictions can make informed choices when placing orders.

Our customer service team is available 7 days a week if you should need assistance with anything related to the online ordering system. We gladly answer all questions and help resolve any issues quickly. We take pride in being able to provide this feature so that our customers get what they desire without having to wait too long for it!

We invite everyone to take advantage of our online ordering system today; we guarantee satisfaction every step of the way!

Gift Cards & Loyalty Programs

At Moe’s BBQ Orange Beach, we take customer loyalty seriously. To show our appreciation for returning customers, we offer gift cards and a loyalty program that rewards frequent diners with special discounts. By using these services, patrons can enjoy the convenience of online ordering while also receiving exclusive deals.

Gift cards are available in any denomination and make great presents for friends or family members who love barbecue cuisine. They can be purchased directly from our website or by visiting one of our locations in person. Our gift cards never expire and they don’t have any additional fees attached to them.

Our loyalty programs is an excellent way for regular customers to save money on their meals at Moe’s BBQ Orange Beach. With each visit, patrons earn points which can then be redeemed for discounts on future orders. We even provide bonus points when ordering through our online system! All you need to do is register your account details with us and start earning today.

We believe it’s important to reward loyal customers with generous incentives so they keep coming back time after time – whether dining in-store or ordering ahead online. And with competitive prices already offered throughout the menu, there’s no better place than Moe’s BBQ Orange Beach to satisfy your cravings without breaking the bank!

Prices & Payment Methods

At Moe’s BBQ Orange Beach, we offer great prices for all of our delicious barbeque dishes. Our menu items range from classic pulled pork sandwiches to ribs and smoked chicken platters. We also have large family packs that are perfect for sharing. All of these menu options come at an affordable price so everyone can enjoy our mouthwatering barbecue.

When it comes to payment methods, we accept cash as well as major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. We also provide a convenient online ordering system where customers can pre-order their meals in advance with either a credit card or debit card.

For larger orders and catering services, we require full payment prior to the event date. We understand that sometimes things change unexpectedly which is why we offer a refund policy on any cancellations made within 48 hours before the scheduled date/time of pick up or delivery.

We strive to make sure your experience with us is as enjoyable and stress-free as possible!

Entertainment & Activities Nearby

When it comes to entertainment and activities nearby, Moes BBQ Orange Beach offers plenty of options. From water sports like fishing to more leisurely pursuits such as birdwatching or beachcombing, there’s something for everyone.

For those looking for a thrilling experience, the area is home to some world-class amusement parks with roller coasters and other attractions that will keep you entertained all day long. If you’re in the mood for a relaxing activity, try exploring the local nature trails where you can find unique wildlife species and breathtaking scenery. And if music is your thing, don’t miss out on one of the many live performances offered at various venues throughout town.

If shopping is what interests you, then this destination has an abundance of retail outlets to choose from. There are both high-end stores selling designer clothes and accessories as well as smaller boutiques offering handmade crafts and souvenirs made by local artisans. You’ll also find quaint antique shops filled with rare finds from years past.

Those seeking adventure won’t be disappointed either. With its proximity to Mobile Bay, Orange Beach provides easy access to deep-sea fishing charters and sailing cruises aboard luxury yachts or vintage schooners – perfect for creating lasting memories with friends and family alike! All in all, this coastal community offers endless amounts of fun no matter what kind of entertainment or activity you’re searching for during your stay here.

Safety Protocols During Covid-19

At Moe’s BBQ Orange Beach, we take the safety and health of our customers seriously. We’ve implemented a number of protocols to ensure your dining experience is as safe as possible during this time. All employees wear face masks while working and are required to have their temperatures taken prior to beginning shifts. Additionally, all staff members are trained in the proper sanitation procedures and follow strict hand-washing guidelines throughout the day.

We also require that all guests maintain social distancing when inside or outside the restaurant. Tables will be spaced at least 6 feet apart and there will be no bar seating available until further notice due to limited capacity. Furthermore, contactless menus can be accessed on each table via QR code for extra safety precautions.

For those who prefer curbside pickup, please notify us upon ordering so that we can safely package your food without you having to come into contact with other guests or waiters/waitresses. We ask that you remain in your car at all times and an employee will deliver the order directly into your vehicle once it has been prepared by our kitchen staff.

We understand these measures may seem inconvenient but appreciate everyone’s cooperation in keeping our community safe during these trying times. Thank you for understanding!

Local Community Involvement

At Moes BBQ Orange Beach, we understand that our local community is at the heart of what makes us successful. To ensure that we remain connected to our customers and the wider area, we have taken several steps to stay involved in our community.

First, we are proud sponsors of numerous local events such as concerts, festivals, and charity runs. This helps us demonstrate our commitment to giving back while also connecting with members of the public who may not have encountered us before. Additionally, these events give us an opportunity to show off some of the delicious dishes from our menu!

We also believe strongly in supporting small businesses in the surrounding area. Whenever possible, we source ingredients for our food from locally-owned companies rather than large chains or corporations. Doing this supports other entrepreneurs in the region and allows them to create their own success stories too. Not only does it benefit those businesses but it ensures that all of our meals taste fresh and unique every time!

Finally, being part of a vibrant community means taking responsibility for its well-being too. As such, we make sure to keep up with any new developments or changes to health regulations so that everyone can enjoy a safe experience when they visit Moes BBQ Orange Beach. We strive to provide excellent customer service both inside and outside of the restaurant walls – something which has been reflected by many positive reviews from satisfied diners over the years.

BenefitsHow We Do ItResult
Supporting Local EventsSponsoring Concerts/Festivals/Charity RunsConnecting With Customers
Supporting Small BusinessesSourcing Ingredients LocallyFresh & Unique Meals Every Time

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Age Limit For Dining At Moes Bbq?

Are you looking for information about the age limit for dining at Moes BBQ in Orange Beach? You have come to the right place! In this article, we will discuss what the restaurant’s age limit is and how it affects diners.

Let’s start by getting an understanding of why restaurants might have certain age limits. Restaurants often set these limits to ensure a safe experience for all patrons. They also may take into account local laws and regulations regarding age restrictions on alcohol consumption or other activities within their establishment.

Now let’s focus on Moes BBQ specifically: What is their policy when it comes to age requirements? Their website states that they do not allow anyone under the age of 21 in after 9 p.m., unless accompanied by an adult over 25 years old. Additionally, they ask that everyone show valid identification if asked upon entering the premises.

These rules are put in place so that customers can enjoy their meal without disruption from younger patrons who may be more likely to cause trouble than adults. From personal experience, I found Moes BBQ staff to be friendly and accommodating despite enforcing these policies. It made my visit enjoyable knowing that I could relax without concern for any potential issues arising due to someone else’s behavior or lack thereof.
The takeaway here is clear: while there is an age restriction at Moes BBQ, it does not diminish your ability to have a pleasant evening out with friends or family members of all ages – as long as those aged 21 and under follow the guidelines mentioned above. Here are some tips on how to make sure your night goes smoothly:

  • Be aware of local laws/regulations regarding minors
  • Know the restaurant’s specific policies before arriving
  • Have valid ID ready just in case
  • Respectfully follow requests from staff members
  • If necessary, accompany minors for added safety

Having knowledge of these policies ahead of time allows you to plan accordingly and provide a fun atmosphere for all involved – regardless of whether everyone meets the minimum required age or not! So don’t let Moes’ strict enforcement of its age limitation worry you; rather, use it as a reminder that everyone should act responsibly during your visit so you can get the most out of your dinner outing!

Does Moes Bbq Offer Outdoor Seating?

Do you want to enjoy a meal at Moes BBQ while taking in the fresh air of Orange Beach? The current H2 is about whether or not outdoor seating is available.

When considering dining at Moes BBQ, one must think about what options are available for seating. People may be looking for something casual and al fresco. Fortunately, this restaurant offers both indoor and outdoor seating. You can take your pick between being inside the restaurant with its cozy atmosphere or outside where you can breathe in the salty sea breeze from nearby Orange Beach.

Outdoor dining has many benefits that come along with it – such as getting some Vitamin D from natural sunlight or having an unobstructed view of the surroundings. This option also allows customers to experience a more relaxed atmosphere than they usually would indoors. Plus, if you’re lucky enough, you might even catch live entertainment from time to time!

In addition, most restaurants that offer outdoor seating provide extra services like umbrellas and heaters during cooler weather conditions so their customers can still feel comfortable regardless of the environment around them. So whatever kind of ambiance people are looking for when enjoying a delicious meal at Moes BBQ in Orange Beach, rest assured there is something suitable for everyone.

How Long Does It Take To Receive An Online Order?

How long does it take to receive an online order? This is a question that many people have when considering ordering food from a restaurant. When you place an online order, there are several factors that determine how quickly the food will arrive at your doorstep.

First and foremost, it depends on where the restaurant is located in relation to your home or office. The further away from the restaurant, the longer it may take for the delivery of your meal. Additionally, if you live far away from any other restaurants, then local traffic can play a role in determining how long it takes for an order to be delivered.

Second, it also matters what time of day you place your order. During peak hours such as lunchtime or dinner rush, orders tend to pile up quickly and could cause delays in processing and delivery times. On the flip side, ordering outside these busy periods can help speed up delivery times greatly since fewer orders need to be processed by the staff. Here are some tips on timing:

  • Order during off-peak periods like mid-afternoon or late evening (if available)
  • Place larger orders earlier than usual so they can be prepped ahead of time
  • Request special instructions for difficult items that require extra preparation

Finally, each restaurant has its own policy when it comes to delivering meals because some offer their own delivery service while others rely on third party companies like DoorDash or Grubhub. Therefore, make sure to read through all terms and conditions before placing an order so that you know exactly what kind of service should be expected and when your food will arrive safely!

What Type Of Payment Methods Does Moes Bbq Accept?

What type of payment methods does Moes BBQ accept? This is an important question to ask when considering a restaurant for your next meal. In order to make sure you’re aware of the options, we’ve put together some information that will help you make the best decision.

To start off, it’s worth noting that most restaurants have accepted forms of payment like cash and credit cards. However, there may be other ways in which payments can be made at Moes BBQ. Here are three key points about their available payment methods:

  • They accept all major credit cards and debit cards
  • Cash is also welcome
  • Mobile wallets such as Apple Pay and Google Pay are accepted as well

Knowing what payment methods are allowed at any establishment helps customers plan accordingly before they arrive. It allows them to budget how much money they’ll need or if they should bring a specific form of payment with them. Having these details sorted out makes the dining experience smoother since patrons won’t have any surprises come time to pay the bill.

Whether you choose to go with cash or card, Moes BBQ has got you covered. So head on over whenever you’re ready for some delicious food!

Does Moes Bbq Offer A Rewards Program?

Does Moes BBQ offer a rewards program? This is an important question for diners looking to get the most out of their meals at this popular eatery. Fortunately, there are several options available that make it easy and convenient to enjoy the delicious offerings of Moes BBQ in Orange Beach while also earning points towards future discounts or even free items.

The first option would be to join the restaurant’s loyalty program, which allows customers to earn points with each purchase they make. These points can then be redeemed for exclusive deals on food and drinks as well as other perks such as access to special events and promotions. Additionally, members of the loyalty program will receive additional benefits like birthday offers and news about upcoming menu items.

Additionally, diners may choose to use a third-party app like Fivestars or Dine Rewards to track their purchases from Moes BBQ in order to accumulate more rewards points. With these apps, users have the ability to link all of their credit cards and debit cards together so they don’t have to worry about forgetting any particular card when dining out. Not only does this help save time but also ensures that all potential reward points are added up quickly and easily.

Fortunately, both of these options provide plenty of ways for customers to take advantage of some great savings opportunities at Moes BBQ in Orange Beach while still enjoying the amazing food served up there every day! So whether you’re a regular diner or just visiting town for a few days, you’ll definitely want to look into signing up for one – or both – programs so you can maximize your enjoyment while reaping the benefits of being rewarded along the way.


In conclusion, Moes BBQ in Orange Beach is a great option for anyone looking for some delicious and unique southern-style barbecue. The age limit to dine at this restaurant is 18 years or older, giving adults plenty of options when it comes time to eat out. Not only does the establishment offer indoor seating but you can also enjoy your meal outdoors if desired. Plus, with their online ordering system, you don’t have to wait long for your order before enjoying all that delicious food! Lastly, Moes BBQ accepts several payment methods such as cash or credit cards and they even have an awesome rewards program that allows customers to earn discounts on future orders. All things considered, there’s no better place than Moes BBQ in Orange Beach for tasty southern-style barbeque!