Moe’s Knightdale

Moe’s Knightdale has been an integral part of the community in North Carolina for many years. It serves up comfort food with a smile and is known as one of the best places to get down-home cooking in town. Whether you’re looking for a quick bite or something more substantial, Moe’s is sure to hit the spot. But what makes this eatery so special? Let’s explore why Moe’s Knightdale should be your go-to restaurant!

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For starters, Moe’s knows how to do soulful Southern cooking right. Their menu features classic dishes like fried chicken, collard greens, and hush puppies that will make your mouth water. Not only are they delicious but also incredibly affordable – perfect for a family dinner without breaking the bank! Plus, their friendly staff always goes out of their way to make sure everyone enjoys their meal. They’ll even whip up custom orders if you ask nicely!

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But it doesn’t stop there – locals know that there’s much more than meets the eye at Moe’s Knightdale. The restaurant hosts regular events and parties where customers can enjoy live music, games, and other activities while enjoying some great grub. There’s never a dull moment when visiting Moe’s; you can expect plenty of fun each time you walk through those doors!

Location And Hours Of Operation

Moe’s Knightdale is located in North Carolina, just off of I-540. It has been serving the community since 2013. The restaurant offers a wide selection of both Tex-Mex and American cuisine. Its hours are Monday through Saturday from 11:00am to 9:00pm with Sunday being closed for private events only.

The atmosphere at Moe’s Knightdale is inviting and upbeat. They offer a full bar including beer, wine, margaritas, specialty drinks and nonalcoholic beverages as well as several TVs for sports viewing. There’s even an outdoor patio area that allows you to enjoy some fresh air while dining or having drinks with friends.

Every meal starts with complimentary chips & salsa plus there are plenty of appetizers such as nachos, quesadillas and guacamole to choose from. For entrees they have burritos, tacos and salads along with fajitas made to order right at your table! Every dish can be customized according to dietary restrictions or preferences making it easy for everyone to find something delicious on the menu!

Overall Moe’s Knightdale provides great food in a fun atmosphere all day long – perfect for any occasion!

Menu Overview

After exploring the location and hours of operation for Moe’s Knightdale, customers can also learn about the menu offerings. The eatery offers a range of food items that are sure to please many different palates. There’s something for everyone at Moe’s!

First, there are tacos. Customers have their choice between chicken, beef, steak, or vegetarian options. Each taco comes with all the fixings – lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cheese, sour cream and more! These tacos make great appetizers or light snacks.

Next up are burritos. Whether you’re in the mood for classic Mexican-style flavors or something spicier like buffalo chicken and jalapeno ranch, Moe’s has it covered. Most burritos come wrapped in a flour tortilla but they also offer low-carb tortillas as an option upon request. All burrito meals come with chips and salsa on the side so don’t forget to ask for those when ordering your meal!

Finally, Moe’s is well known for its signature quesadilla creations. Options include classics such as grilled chicken with cheddar jack cheese or spicy Southwest shrimp with pepperjack cheese. They also serve delicious breakfast quesadillas made with eggs, bacon and mozzarella cheese served all day long! No matter which quesadilla you choose it will be served hot off the grill and ready to enjoy!

Moe’s Knightdale has something delicious for everyone – whether you’re looking for tacos, burritos or quesadillas – there’s a dish that will satisfy any craving here at this restaurant!

Signature Dishes

Moe’s Knightdale offers a variety of signature dishes that are sure to please any palate. From classic sandwiches and burgers, to pizzas and calzones, there is something for everyone. Here’s what you can expect from their menu:

  1. Sandwiches – Choose from the Classic Philly Steak sandwich or the Vegetarian Portobello mushroom sandwich. Each one comes loaded with fresh vegetables and your choice of cheese and condiments.
  2. Burgers – Burger lovers will love Moe’s selection including Mushroom Swiss burger, Bacon Cheddar burger, Veggie Garden burger and more! All burgers come on freshly baked buns with all the fixin’s.
  3. Pizzas & Calzones – The pizza dough is made fresh daily at Moe’s in-house bakery and topped with flavorful ingredients like sausage, pepperoni, olives, mushrooms and peppers. They also offer delicious calzones stuffed with ricotta cheese, mozzarella cheese and other fillings of your choice .

At Moe’s Knightdale you’ll always find tasty food made from scratch using only quality ingredients. So if you’re looking for a great meal in town be sure to check out this local favorite!

Dining Experience Options

Moe’s Knightdale offers a variety of dining experience options for every taste. From the classic restaurant atmosphere to outdoor seating, there is something for everyone.

Indoors, guests can enjoy a cozy and relaxed setting with plenty of seating. The tables are well spaced out and have comfortable chairs so that diners can savor their meals without feeling crowded. Guests also appreciate the calm ambiance created by soft lighting throughout the space.

Outside, Moe’s Knightdale provides an array of seating areas including covered patios, open air decks, and lush gardens. These settings offer stunning views of downtown Knightdale while still providing protection from inclement weather when necessary. Diners can feel like they’re in a tropical paradise as they enjoy their food surrounded by beautiful trees and landscaping.

Whether it’s indoors or outside, at Moe’s Knightdale guests will find themselves immersed in a delightful atmosphere where delicious food meets great service – all in one place! With these many options available, diners can customize their own perfect dining experience sure to satisfy any palate.

Catering Services

Moe’s Knightdale provides a variety of catering services, making it the perfect place to host your next event. From corporate events to weddings and private parties, Moe’s has everything you need to make sure your special occasion is nothing short of perfect.

The staff at Moe’s are highly trained in all aspects of catering, from food preparation and presentation to service and timely delivery. They can customize their menu for any budget or dietary restriction, ensuring that everyone leaves satisfied. Their selection includes classic favorites like barbeque pork sandwiches, macaroni and cheese, coleslaw, and more. Plus they offer vegetarian options as well!

For larger events such as weddings or business meetings, Moe’s offers complete setup services including tables, chairs, linens, dishes, glasses – even flowers and decorations if desired. Whether you need a full-service buffet with waiters and bartenders on hand or just some delicious finger foods for an informal gathering, Moe’s will ensure your event goes off without a hitch.

No matter what type of event you’re planning for; small get together or large affair – trust Moe’s Knightdale to deliver quality service every time. With years of experience in the catering industry, they know how important each detail is when hosting an unforgettable party. Let them take care of all the hard work while you enjoy the festivities!

Private Party Room

At Moe’s Knightdale, we understand how important it is to have a comfortable private space for your special event. That’s why our Private Party Room offers you and your guests the perfect atmosphere for an unforgettable occasion. Not only do we provide all the amenities you need for a successful celebration, but also ensure complete privacy in this exclusive area of our restaurant.

The Private Party Room at Moe’s Knightdale can accommodate up to forty-five people comfortably. We’ll help you plan the seating arrangements so that everyone has enough room to celebrate. Our staff will be on hand to answer any questions or concerns that may arise throughout the evening. They’re knowledgeable about the menu offerings, as well as making sure everything runs smoothly during your gathering.

We offer numerous catering options designed with groups in mind. From delicious appetizers to decadent desserts—all made from scratch using fresh ingredients—we’ve got something for every palate and budget! Whether you’d like a buffet style meal or plated dinners, let us take care of the food while you sit back and enjoy yourself.

You can feel confident when hosting events at Moe’s Knightdale because each one is tailored specifically to meet your needs. With attentive service and beautiful surroundings, we guarantee an enjoyable experience for both you and your guests. So if you’re looking for a memorable place to host your next special occasion, consider reserving our Private Party Room today!

Special Events And Promotions

Moe’s Knightdale offers a variety of events and promotions to show appreciation for its customers. Every Tuesday, Moe’s holds a Taco Tuesdays special where all tacos are just $2 each! These delicious tacos come in several varieties like the classic beef taco or the spicy black bean option. Customers can also customize their orders with different toppings and salsas from Moe’s topping bar.

Additionally, on Wednesdays, customers who purchase an entree can get a free drink with their meal. Whether they’re looking for something sweet like a root beer float or something savory like an Arnold Palmer, there is something that everyone will enjoy at Moe’s.

The fun doesn’t end there though – every Friday night Moe’s hosts karaoke nights starting at 8 pm! Guests have the opportunity to sing their favorite songs while enjoying some great food at the same time. With over two dozen flavors of ice cream shakes available too, there’s sure to be something here that satisfies any craving.

At Moe’s Knightdale, we strive to create memorable experiences for our guests. From our weekly specials to monthly contests, you’ll never run out of things to do when you visit us!

Gift Card Offers

Moe’s Knightdale has many great gift card offers that make it easy to give a thoughtful and unique present. From pre-paid cards for meals at the restaurant, to digital eGift Cards sent straight to your recipient’s email address, there are plenty of options available. These can be used as birthday presents, holiday gifts or just a way to say thank you.

The convenient and secure online ordering system makes purchasing these gifts quick and easy. The value of the card is loaded onto the card itself and can be easily tracked using an account number. This means no more worrying about lost or unused cards! All Moe’s restaurants accept these cards so they’re perfect for any occasion.

In addition to being able to purchase physical gift cards in store, customers have access to various promotions such as bonus rewards when multiple cards are purchased at once. Customers can also save on their purchases by using coupon codes found online. With discounts like this, it’s never been easier to stock up on great gifts for family and friends without breaking the bank!

Giving a meaningful present doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming; with all the amazing gift card offers from Moe’s Knightdale, you’ll find something special that will make someone feel appreciated and loved.

Customer Reviews

Moving on from gift card offers, we now look at the customer reviews for Moe’s Knightdale. From what customers have said about their experiences at this location, it seems that they are highly satisfied with the quality of food and service. Many customers rave about how quickly orders are taken and prepared – saying that it never takes longer than a few minutes to get their meal. Others comment on the friendly staff who always seem more than willing to help.

When it comes to the actual food served by Moe’s Knightdale, many customers say that it is some of the best Mexican-style cuisine in town. They praise its authentic flavors, generous portions, fresh ingredients and affordable prices. The menu has something for everyone – whether you’re looking for tacos or burritos, there’s sure to be an option you’ll love!

The atmosphere at Moe’s Knightdale also receives high marks from customers. People appreciate that it feels like home both inside and outside the restaurant; plenty of seating is provided so diners can comfortably enjoy their meals without feeling rushed or cramped. Plus, there’s often live music playing in the background which adds to the relaxed ambiance.

Overall, customer satisfaction levels appear to be quite high when it comes to Moe’s Knightdale–a testament to their commitment towards providing great tasting food alongside excellent service standards. If you’re craving some delicious Mexican-style dishes then definitely check out this spot!

Takeout And Delivery Services

Moe’s Knightdale offers a variety of takeout and delivery services for its customers. From pizza and subs to salads, wraps, burritos, tacos, and much more, Moe’s has something for everyone. Delivery is available through their own in-house service or through third party providers such as Grubhub and DoorDash. Orders can be placed online or by calling the restaurant directly.

Customers who choose delivery have the convenience of being able to order from home without ever leaving the comfort of their own space. Prices are comparable with those found at other local restaurants; however, when ordering through a third party provider there may be additional fees associated with the order depending on where it is going.

The food quality from Moe’s remains consistent regardless of whether you pick up your order yourself or have it delivered straight to your door. All orders come with fresh ingredients that are prepared daily so customers know they’re getting only the best quality food every time they visit Moe’s. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable about all menu items which helps ensure customer satisfaction no matter what type of order they place.

No matter if you opt for takeout or delivery, Moe’s Knightdale will provide an enjoyable dining experience each and every time you visit them. They make sure to always put the customer first by offering top notch products along with excellent customer service – making them one of the best places around for quick meals!

Social Media Presence

Moving on from takeout and delivery services, Moes Knightdale has an active social media presence. They regularly post updates about their restaurant, such as new menu items or seasonal specials. In addition to posts about the food they offer, they also post content related to local events and news. This helps them stay connected with their community and reach a wider audience than just those who visit their actual location.

Moes Knightdale is active on multiple platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok. Each platform allows for different types of engagement and offers unique opportunities for the brand to share its message in creative ways. For example, on Instagram, they can post photos of their dishes; on YouTube they can upload recipe videos that demonstrate how easy it is to make their meals; and on TikTok they can create fun dances featuring their signature dishes.

As part of their social media strategy, Moes Knightdale takes advantage of hashtags to ensure maximum visibility for each post. Additionally, all posts link back to the website where visitors can find more information about the restaurant’s offerings. They also use targeted ads to reach potential customers at specific times throughout the year when business may be slower due to holidays or other circumstances.

Overall, Moes Knightdale’s social media presence serves as an effective marketing tool that helps them engage with existing customers while attracting new ones. The combination of creative content and strategic targeting has proven successful in increasing brand awareness and driving sales growth both online and off-site.

Careers At Moes Knightdale

Moe’s Knightdale is a great place to work, with plenty of opportunities for personal and professional growth. If you’re looking for an exciting job that offers flexibility, competitive wages, and the chance to make a difference in your community – then this could be the perfect fit! Here’s what you need to know about careers at Moe’s Knightdale:

Competitive WagesFlexible Scheduling
Paid Time OffEmployee Discounts & Perks
Career AdvancementTeam Building Events

At Moe’s, we believe our employees are our greatest asset. We offer training programs and career development opportunities so that everyone can reach their full potential. Our workplace culture fosters collaboration and rewards hard-working individuals who strive to do more every day. Plus, each employee has access to numerous benefits including paid time off, discounts on meals, healthcare coverage options, and flexible scheduling.

We also prioritize team building events for all employees throughout the year. These engaging activities help create strong bonds between coworkers while encouraging creativity and problem solving skills. Everyone is encouraged to participate in these unique experiences – which often include trips outside of the restaurant or special themed nights.

Our commitment extends beyond just providing good jobs; we want to make sure our staff feels valued within the company as well. That’s why we invest in our employees by offering competitive wages along with many other incentives such as advancement opportunities within the organization. Working at Moes Knightdale lets you make a real difference in your community while taking advantage of all the perks that come with being part of one of North Carolina’s most popular restaurants chains!

Community Support Initiatives

Moving on from Careers at Moes Knightdale, the next topic is Community Support Initiatives. These initiatives not only support our local community but also promote a sense of pride and appreciation for all that Knightdale has to offer.

The most important part of these initiatives is engaging with the people in our community and providing them with resources they need to thrive. We partner with several organizations to achieve this goal such as:

Additionally, we are committed to educating students about sustainability through various programs and activities like tree planting days or beach clean ups. Our commitment goes further than just donating money; it’s about creating an environment where everyone can succeed regardless of background or circumstance.

We strive to make a positive impact in our local communities by helping those who might face difficult situations due to poverty, homelessness, lack of education or access to healthcare services and other social issues that prevent them from achieving their dreams. In order to do so, we participate in volunteer work, fundraising events and more throughout the year in partnership with different non-profit organizations across the region.

At Moes Knightdale, we believe in giving back whenever possible – whether it’s through donations or volunteering – because every small action makes a difference in someone’s life!

Contact Information

Moe’s Knightdale is located in downtown Knightdale, NC. The address for the restaurant is 200 W 2nd Street, Suite A, Knightdale, NC 27545. You can contact Moe’s by phone at (919) 266-1317 or by emailing

If you have any questions about their menu, catering options, reservations and more, they offer a variety of ways to reach out. To inquire about menus and specials, please call during normal business hours or visit our website at For larger inquiries such as catering orders and large parties, please fill out the form on our website so we may better serve you.

The staff at Moe’s always strives to provide exceptional customer service and are available from 11AM – 10PM Monday through Saturday and 12PM – 9PM Sunday to assist with your needs. We look forward to hearing from you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Moes Knightdale Offer Vegan And Vegetarian Options?

If you’re looking for vegan and vegetarian options, look no further than Moes Knightdale. This restaurant offers a variety of dishes that are sure to please all types of eaters, so don’t worry if you have dietary restrictions – they’ve got something for everyone. Here’s what makes this eatery stand out:

  • Delicious food: Whether you’re dining in or taking it to go, the fresh ingredients used in each dish make every bite enjoyable. Plus, there’s an extensive menu with something for everyone—from classic favorites like tacos and burritos to healthier choices like salads and bowls.
  • Friendly staff: The friendly staff at Moes Knightdale will help guide you through their menu so that you can find exactly what you need. They also offer helpful suggestions about customization options and side dishes so that your meal is just right.
  • Variety of plant-based options: If you’re following a vegan or vegetarian diet, Moes Knightdale has plenty of delicious dishes to choose from. There’s everything from black bean burgers and jackfruit tacos to quinoa bowls and veggie wraps – plus lots more!

Whether dining in or grabbing takeaway, Moes Knightdale is the perfect place to satisfy any craving without compromising on taste or nutrition. With its wide selection of plant-based options, everyone can enjoy a great meal here regardless of their dietary preferences!

Are There Any Discounts Available For Military Personnel?

When it comes to discounts, military personnel have a lot of options. Many businesses are offering special deals and promotions for those who serve our country in uniform, and Moes Knightdale is no exception. This popular restaurant offers several ways for active duty members of the military to save money while enjoying delicious food.

At Moes Knightdale, military personnel can receive 10% off their meal when they show valid proof of service. Whether soldiers are looking for something light or hearty, there is an option available that fits within any budget. The discount applies to dine-in orders as well as takeout so everyone can enjoy the full menu selection regardless of how they choose to partake in it.

In addition to the standard discount offered at Moes Knightdale, veterans may also be eligible for extra savings on certain days throughout the year such as Veterans Day and Memorial Day. These specials are typically announced ahead of time via social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter so keep an eye out!

For anyone who has served in the armed forces, there is no better way to honor them than by showing support through discounts and other incentives. At Moes Knightdale, all members of the military can feel appreciated with every visit thanks to these generous offers.

Does Moes Knightdale Offer Outdoor Seating?

Wondering whether outdoor seating is available at a restaurant can be an important factor when deciding where to dine. Whether you’re looking for a casual meal with friends or are just looking to take in the fresh air, it’s good to know your options. So does Moes Knightdale offer outdoor seating? Let’s take a look.

The answer is yes! This popular eatery provides ample outdoor space so that patrons may enjoy their meal outdoors while taking advantage of the pleasant North Carolina weather. The spacious patio area includes comfortable furniture and plenty of shade, making it ideal even during hot days. Plus, there’s also a bar attached to the back side of the patio – perfect for grabbing drinks off-menu from time to time!

That said, if you’d rather stay inside, don’t worry; there are more than enough indoor tables and booths as well. These seats range from cozy two-seaters next to windows overlooking the street to larger group tables located near the tiled ovens used by cooks preparing pizzas and other delicious dishes. All these features make this restaurant an ideal spot both for those who like dining al fresco and those who prefer staying indoors.

No matter what type of atmosphere you’re after, Moes Knightdale has something for everyone! From its inviting outdoor space complete with bar service and comfy furnishings, to its wide selection of indoor seating arrangements designed with comfort in mind – you’ll have no trouble finding a seat here that fits your needs perfectly when visiting this restaurant.

Is There A Loyalty Program Available At Moes Knightdale?

Yes, there is a loyalty program available at Moes Knightdale. It rewards customers for their regular visits and helps them save money on their meals. This program makes it easy to get discounts when dining out with family or friends. Here are three advantages of the loyalty program:

  1. Earn points – Every time you visit Moes Knightdale, you can earn points which can be redeemed for exclusive deals and discounts.
  2. Save money – With the loyalty program, you will receive additional savings from your meal purchases that could add up over time.
  3. Personalized offers– You will also receive personalized offers tailored to your tastes and preferences so you can enjoy even more benefits each time you come back to dine at Moes Knightdale.

The loyalty program is free to join; all you need to do is provide your email address in order to start earning points right away! Plus, if you refer a friend or family member who signs up for the loyalty program, both parties benefit from additional rewards and discounts! The process couldn’t be easier—allowing diners to quickly take advantage of the great deals offered by Moes Knightdale’s loyalty program.

In addition, members have access to special promotions throughout the year such as birthday specials and holiday bonuses. So what are you waiting for? Join today and start saving on delicious food every visit!

Is There A Kid’s Menu Available?

With the growing popularity of family-friendly restaurants, having a kid’s menu is becoming more and more important. After all, what parent likes trying to figure out what their child will eat off an adult menu? Fortunately, there are plenty of establishments that offer special menus for kids. But one question remains: does Moes Knightdale have a kid’s menu available?

The good news is that they do! Along with their regular offerings like burritos and tacos, Moes Knightdale also has a selection specifically tailored towards children. This includes smaller versions of many popular dishes as well as some unique options like mini quesadillas and nachos. They also provide healthier alternatives such as fruit cups or yogurt parfaits. The great thing about this menu is that it offers something for even the pickiest eater.

Parents can rest easy knowing that there are plenty of delicious food choices available at Moes Knightdale. Kids won’t be stuck eating boring snacks or plain sandwiches while everyone else enjoys fancy meals – instead, they’ll get to choose from tasty items just like the adults do. Plus, since these items come in smaller portions, parents don’t need to worry about overfeeding their little ones either!

Moes Knightdale takes pride in being able to cater to all members of the family – no matter how young or old they may be. With its kid’s menu full of flavorful entrées and snacks alike, both children and adults can enjoy a fun meal without compromising on taste or nutrition. That way everyone goes home happy – plus you’ll still have enough energy left afterwards for whatever adventures await you next.


Yes, Moes Knightdale offers vegan and vegetarian options so everyone can enjoy their delicious Mexican food. They also offer discounts to military personnel, which is especially appreciated by those who have served our country. Additionally, they offer outdoor seating for customers looking to dine al fresco in the warmer months. Plus, there’s a loyalty program that rewards regular diners with coupons and other benefits. Finally, kids won’t be left out either as there’s a kid’s menu available too!

Overall, I’m impressed with what Moes Knightdale has to offer. As someone who loves Mexican food but is trying to eat healthier, it’s great to know that they accommodate both vegans and vegetarians alike. And knowing that my family members in the military are getting special recognition here makes me very happy. With good food at reasonable prices plus all of these additional perks – outdoor seating, a loyalty program and a kid’s menu – this place is definitely worth checking out if you’re ever in town!

All in all, Moes Knightdale offers delicious meals for people of all dietary preferences with plenty of extras like discounts for military personnel and outdoor seating thrown into the mix. It’s clear why this restaurant has become one of the most popular spots in town!