Looking for a delicious pizza joint in Concord, MA? Look no further than Sorrento Pizza! This local favorite has been serving up mouth-watering pizzas, calzones, and other Italian specialties for years.

With a commitment to quality ingredients and exceptional service, Sorrento Pizza is the perfect spot for your next meal. When you step into Sorrento Pizza, you’ll be greeted by the smell of fresh-baked dough and savory toppings.

Take a seat at one of their cozy tables or grab your pie to go – either way, you won’t be disappointed. And with online ordering available, it’s never been easier to enjoy their delicious food from the comfort of your own home.

So why wait? Head over to Sorrento Pizza today and taste what all the fuss is about!

Key Takeaways

  • Sorrento Pizza has been a staple of the Concord community for over 55 years, having opened in 1965 by Mario and Luigi Sorrento.
  • Their menu includes mouth-watering pizzas, calzones, Italian specialties, salads, subs, and gluten-free options, all made with high-quality ingredients such as homemade dough, San Marzano tomatoes, and locally sourced toppings.
  • Sorrento Pizza offers exceptional service with cozy tables for dining in, online ordering for takeout, catering services, and a loyalty program for regular customers.
  • The restaurant actively gives back to the community by supporting local causes and promoting sustainability, and has received recognition as ‘Best Pizza in Boston’ by Boston Magazine and membership in the Massachusetts Restaurant Association and National Restaurant Association.

History of Sorrento Pizza in Concord, MA

The rich history of Sorrento Pizza in Concord, MA is a testament to the enduring quality and popularity of this beloved local institution. The restaurant was first opened in 1965 by two Italian brothers, Mario and Luigi Sorrento. They had immigrated to the United States from Naples, Italy with their family and brought with them a passion for authentic Italian cuisine.

From the beginning, Sorrento Pizza was known for its delicious pizza made from fresh ingredients and cooked in a traditional brick oven. It quickly became a favorite spot among locals who appreciated the high-quality food and friendly service.

Over time, the restaurant expanded its menu to include other classic Italian dishes such as pasta, calzones, and subs. Despite changes in ownership over the years, Sorrento Pizza has remained a staple of the Concord community.

In 2016, it celebrated its 50th anniversary with a special event that drew crowds of loyal customers who had been coming for decades. Today, new generations continue to discover the magic of Sorrento Pizza and make memories with friends and family over slices of their famous pizza.

Sorrento Pizza’s rich history reflects not only its delicious food but also its deep roots in the community. With over 55 years of serving up authentic Italian cuisine using only the freshest ingredients available – it’s no wonder why people still flock here! Whether you’re looking for lunch or dinner options when visiting Concord MA or just craving some good old-fashioned comfort food – stop by Sorrento Pizza today!

Commitment to Quality Ingredients

When it comes to Sorrento Pizza’s commitment to quality ingredients, you can count on homemade dough that’s freshly made every day.

Not only that, but they use high-quality mozzarella cheese that melts perfectly and adds a rich flavor to every slice.

Their scratch-made sauce with San Marzano tomatoes gives their pizza a fresh and authentic taste, and they always top it off with the freshest and most flavorful toppings available.

Homemade Dough

You’ll love the taste of our homemade dough at Sorrento Pizza Concord MA. It’s made fresh daily to give your pizza that perfect crispy crust. We take pride in using only the finest ingredients to create our dough, ensuring that every bite is bursting with flavor.

Our dough recipe has been perfected over time, resulting in a texture that is both chewy and crispy. We use high-quality flour, yeast, salt, and water to create a base that’s then kneaded by hand until it reaches the perfect consistency.

The end result is a delicious crust that complements any toppings you choose for your pizza. So come on down to Sorrento Pizza Concord MA and experience the difference of our homemade dough for yourself!

High-Quality Mozzarella Cheese

Indulge in the rich, gooey goodness of our high-quality mozzarella cheese that’ll leave you craving for more. Our cheese is made from fresh milk and has a smooth texture that melts perfectly on top of our homemade dough. We take pride in sourcing only the best ingredients to create each pizza, and our mozzarella cheese is no exception.

Our pizza chefs carefully sprinkle a generous amount of mozzarella cheese over each pie, ensuring every slice is bursting with flavor. You’ll love how the creamy texture pairs perfectly with your favorite toppings, creating a mouthwatering combination that’s hard to resist.

Whether you’re dining in or taking out, our high-quality mozzarella cheese will elevate your pizza experience to new heights.

Scratch-Made Sauce with San Marzano Tomatoes

Experience the mouthwatering taste of our scratch-made sauce, crafted with San Marzano tomatoes that will make your taste buds dance with joy. Our pizza sauce is made fresh daily from scratch using only the finest ingredients. We take pride in sourcing only the best San Marzano tomatoes, which are known for their sweet and tangy flavor, to create a rich tomato sauce that perfectly complements our freshly baked pizza crust.

To get a better idea of just how delicious our sauce truly is, take a look at this table below. It shows just how much attention we put into making sure each ingredient in our sauce is perfectly balanced for maximum flavor.

Crushed San Marzano Tomatoes4 cups
Extra Virgin Olive Oil1/4 cup
Minced Garlic3 cloves
Salt1 tsp
Sugar1 tsp

As you can see, we use just the right amount of garlic and salt to enhance the natural sweetness of the San Marzano tomatoes. The addition of sugar helps balance out any acidity and gives our sauce a unique depth of flavor that you won’t find anywhere else. Come taste it for yourself today at Sorrento Pizza Concord MA!

Fresh and Flavorful Toppings

Get ready for a burst of flavor with our fresh and flavorful toppings, carefully selected to enhance your pizza experience. Our team at Sorrento Pizza Concord Ma takes pride in using only the freshest ingredients that are sourced locally whenever possible. Our toppings are not only delicious but also healthy, making them a perfect choice for those who want to indulge in their favorite pizza without compromising on nutrition.

Here are some of the fresh and flavorful toppings we offer:

  • Garden-fresh vegetables like bell peppers, onions, mushrooms, artichokes, and olives
  • Hearty meats like sausage, pepperoni, ham, bacon, and chicken
  • Gourmet cheeses like mozzarella di bufala campana DOP from Italy and feta cheese

All our toppings are carefully prepared and cooked to perfection to ensure that they retain their freshness and taste.

Whether you’re looking for something classic or adventurous, we have something for every taste bud. So come on over to Sorrento Pizza Concord Ma today and try out our amazing selection of fresh and flavorful toppings!

Menu Offerings

You can’t go wrong with the menu offerings at Sorrento Pizza in Concord, MA. From classic pizzas to specialty creations, there’s something for everyone.

If you’re in the mood for a traditional pie, try their Margherita or Pepperoni pizzas. Both are made with fresh ingredients and cooked to perfection. But if you’re feeling adventurous, Sorrento Pizza has plenty of unique options as well.

The Mediterranean pizza is a standout choice, topped with feta cheese, kalamata olives, and roasted red peppers. Or try the BBQ Chicken pizza, featuring tender chicken smothered in tangy barbecue sauce.

In addition to their delicious pizzas, Sorrento also offers salads and subs. The Caprese salad is a refreshing option on a hot summer day, with its mix of juicy tomatoes and creamy mozzarella cheese. And if you’re looking for something more filling, the meatball sub is sure to satisfy your hunger.

No matter what you choose from the menu at Sorrento Pizza in Concord, MA, you’re guaranteed a satisfying meal that will leave your taste buds tingling. So next time you’re craving some delicious Italian cuisine, head over to this local favorite and indulge in one of their many mouth-watering offerings.

Dining Options

If you’re looking for a variety of dining options, there are plenty available at this local favorite in Concord. Sorrento Pizza offers both indoor and outdoor seating, with the option to dine-in or takeout. The cozy indoor space is perfect for a family gathering or a casual date night, while the outdoor patio is great for enjoying warm weather and people-watching.

No matter where you choose to sit, Sorrento Pizza has something for every taste bud. Their menu features classic Italian dishes such as spaghetti carbonara and chicken parmesan, as well as unique pizzas like the buffalo chicken and BBQ pulled pork. And don’t forget about their famous calzones – stuffed with your choice of meats, cheeses, veggies, and sauces.

But if you’re in a rush or just want to enjoy your meal from the comfort of your own home, Sorrento Pizza also offers takeout options. Simply call ahead or place an order online through their website. And with their convenient location on Main Street in downtown Concord, it’s easy to swing by and pick up your order on-the-go.

So whether you’re looking for a romantic evening out or a quick bite to eat on-the-go, Sorrento Pizza has got you covered with their diverse dining options. Check out the table below for more information on their offerings:

Dining OptionDescriptionBest For
Indoor SeatingCozy atmosphere inside restaurantFamily gatherings
Outdoor PatioEnjoying warm weather & people-watchingCasual date nights
TakeoutConvenient option for meals on-the-goBusy weeknights

Visit Sorrento Pizza today and experience all they have to offer!

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Immerse yourself in the experiences of satisfied customers by reading their glowing reviews and heartfelt testimonials about Sorrento Pizza. This local favorite has garnered a reputation for its delicious cuisine and welcoming atmosphere, making it a go-to spot for pizza lovers in Concord, MA.

Customers have left rave reviews praising everything from the perfectly cooked crust to the generous toppings. Here are three reasons why customers can’t get enough of Sorrento Pizza:

  1. Quality ingredients: Customers rave about the fresh and high-quality ingredients used in every pizza at Sorrento’s. From the tangy tomato sauce to the gooey mozzarella cheese, each element is carefully selected to ensure maximum flavor.
  2. Generous portions: One thing that sets Sorrento’s apart from other pizza places is their generous portions. Customers love how they never skimp on toppings or cheese, ensuring that every slice is packed with flavor.
  3. Friendly service: In addition to their delicious food, many customers also praise Sorrento’s friendly and attentive staff. They create a warm and welcoming atmosphere that makes diners feel right at home.

With so many positive reviews and testimonials, it’s easy to see why Sorrento Pizza is a beloved local spot for both regulars and newcomers alike. Whether you’re looking for a quick lunch or a casual dinner with friends, this pizzeria offers something for everyone – along with exceptional quality and service that keep customers coming back time after time.

Awards and Recognition

You’ve read about the glowing customer reviews and testimonials for Sorrento Pizza in Concord, MA, and now let’s dive into their awards and recognition. It’s no surprise that a pizzeria with such high praise from customers would also receive accolades from other sources.

One of the most notable awards Sorrento Pizza has received is being named ‘Best Pizza in Boston’ by Boston Magazine. This prestigious honor speaks volumes to the quality of their pizza and puts them on the map as one of the best pizzerias not just in Concord but in all of Boston.

In addition to this recognition, Sorrento Pizza has also been featured on numerous ‘best of’ lists across various publications. From being listed as one of the top 10 pizzerias in Massachusetts by The Daily Meal to being included on Yelp’s ‘Top 100 Places to Eat’ list, it’s clear that Sorrento Pizza is making waves within the food industry.

But it’s not just media outlets giving Sorrento Pizza praise; they’ve also received recognition from esteemed culinary institutions. They are members of both the Massachusetts Restaurant Association and National Restaurant Association, showcasing their commitment to excellence within the restaurant industry.

Overall, if you’re looking for award-winning pizza in Concord or even all of Boston, look no further than Sorrento Pizza. Their numerous accolades speak for themselves and only add to their already impressive reputation amongst loyal customers.

Catering Services

Looking for a catering service that’ll make your event unforgettable? Sorrento Pizza in Concord, MA has got you covered! With their expertly crafted menu and exceptional customer service, you can sit back and enjoy your event while Sorrento Pizza takes care of the rest.

Their catering services offer a wide range of options to cater to everyone’s tastes and preferences. Whether it’s classic pizza toppings like pepperoni and cheese or something more unique like goat cheese and arugula, Sorrento Pizza has it all.

They also offer delicious appetizers such as garlic knots, mozzarella sticks, and chicken wings that are sure to be a hit with any crowd.

Sorrento Pizza understands that every event is unique, which is why they offer customizable packages so that you can tailor your menu to fit your specific needs. From corporate events to birthday parties, their team will work with you to create the perfect meal plan for your guests.

And with their convenient online ordering system, placing an order has never been easier.

So next time you’re planning an event in Concord or the surrounding area, consider Sorrento Pizza’s catering services. With their mouthwatering menu options and exceptional customer service, they’ll make sure your event is one for the books. Plus, who doesn’t love pizza?

Community Involvement

Get involved in the community by supporting local events and charities, whether it’s volunteering at a food bank or attending a fundraiser for a good cause. Sorrento Pizza Concord MA is proud to be an active member of the community and loves giving back whenever possible. They regularly participate in events that support local causes, such as charity walks or school fundraisers. When you order from Sorrento Pizza Concord MA, you can feel good knowing that you’re supporting a business that cares about making a positive impact.

Sorrento Pizza Concord MA also partners with local organizations to help raise money for important causes throughout the year. One way they do this is by hosting fundraising events where a portion of the proceeds goes directly towards helping those in need. By choosing Sorrento Pizza Concord MA for your next event or gathering, you’re not only treating your guests to delicious food but also contributing to charitable efforts in the community.

In addition to hosting fundraisers, Sorrento Pizza Concord MA also participates in initiatives that promote sustainability and environmental responsibility. They understand the importance of protecting our planet and take steps to minimize their carbon footprint whenever possible. By choosing Sorrento Pizza Concord MA, you’re supporting a business that values social responsibility and takes action towards creating a better future for all.

By getting involved with community events and charitable causes, businesses like Sorrento Pizza Concord MA are able to make a positive impact while strengthening their relationships within the community. Check out this table below showcasing some of the amazing ways Sorrento Pizza has given back:

Event/CharityDonation amountYear
Relay For Life$5002019
Toys For Tots Drive100 toy donations2020
Local School Fundraiser$250 gift card donation2021
Food Bank Volunteer Day10 volunteers & 50 lbs of food donated2021

Make a difference in your community by choosing businesses like Sorrento Pizza Concord MA who prioritize social responsibility and giving back. Whether it’s donating to charity or participating in local events, every action counts towards creating a better future for all.

Online Ordering

If you’re craving a delicious meal but don’t have time to dine in or call for takeout, Sorrento Pizza Concord MA has got you covered with their easy-to-use online ordering system. With just a few clicks, you can access their full menu and place your order from the comfort of your own home or office.

No more waiting on hold or trying to shout your order over the noise of a busy restaurant. Using Sorrento’s online ordering system is quick, simple, and secure. You’ll be able to choose from all your favorite pizzas, pastas, sandwiches, salads and more. The menu is easy to navigate and includes clear descriptions of each item so you know exactly what you’re getting.

Plus, when you order online, you have the option to customize your dish with specific toppings or ingredients – making it easier than ever to get that perfect meal. One of the best parts about using Sorrento’s online ordering system is that it allows you to save time and avoid any potential wait times at the restaurant.

Simply select the items that you want to order and specify whether you’d like delivery or pickup. Then sit back, relax and wait for your delicious meal to arrive at your doorstep! So why waste time calling in an order when Sorrento Pizza Concord MA makes it so easy? Take advantage of their convenient online ordering system today and enjoy all of their amazing food without any hassle!

Loyalty Programs

Hey there! Now that you know all about ordering Sorrento Pizza online, let’s talk about their loyalty programs. Are you a regular at Sorrento Pizza in Concord, MA? If so, you don’t want to miss out on their fantastic loyalty program.

Here’s how it works: every time you order from Sorrento Pizza, whether it be online or in-person, you’ll earn points towards rewards like free menu items and discounts on future orders. Plus, as a member of the loyalty program, you’ll get access to exclusive specials and promotions that other customers won’t have.

But the perks don’t stop there. As part of the loyalty program, you’ll also receive emails with updates on new menu items and upcoming events at Sorrento Pizza. And if that wasn’t enough to convince you to join, they even offer a special birthday reward for loyal customers!

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for Sorrento Pizza’s loyalty program today and start earning those rewards. You’re already a fan of their delicious pizza – why not take advantage of all the extra benefits that come with being a regular customer?

Sorrento Pizza in Concord, MA doesn’t just offer amazing food – they also provide great incentives for loyal customers through their fantastic loyalty program. Don’t miss out on earning rewards and getting access to exclusive specials by signing up today!

Specials and Deals

Looking for delicious food at a great price? Check out Sorrento Pizza’s latest specials and deals!

At Sorrento Pizza, we understand that everyone loves a good deal. That’s why we offer a variety of specials and deals to help you get the most bang for your buck.

Here are just a few of our current offers:

  • Monday Madness: Get any large pizza for just $10 on Mondays.
  • Two-for-Tuesday: Buy one large pizza, get one free every Tuesday.
  • Lunch Specials: Stop in between 11 am and 3 pm Monday through Saturday for our lunch specials, which include slices of pizza with salad or soup.

But wait, there’s more! We also offer special discounts for ordering online or using our mobile app. You can save up to 25% off your order when you use these convenient options. Plus, be sure to sign up for our loyalty program to earn points towards free food with every purchase.

At Sorrento Pizza, we believe that great food doesn’t have to come with an expensive price tag. That’s why we’re always looking for ways to help you save money while still enjoying the best pizza around.

So next time you’re craving something delicious, check out our specials and deals – your wallet (and your taste buds) will thank you!

Location and Contact Information

To find our mouth-watering pizza and get in touch with us, check out our location and contact information.

We’re conveniently located at 58 Main Street in Concord, MA, near the center of town. It’s easy to stop by and grab a delicious slice of pizza on your way to work or after a long day of running errands.

If you have any questions about our menu items or need help placing an order, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (978) 369-8008. Our staff is always happy to answer your questions and provide recommendations based on your taste preferences.

You can also visit our website to view our full menu and place an order online for pickup or delivery.

In addition to our tasty pizza offerings, we also serve up savory calzones, fresh salads, and hot subs made with high-quality ingredients.

Whether you’re looking for a quick lunchtime bite or a satisfying dinner option for the whole family, Sorrento Pizza has got you covered.

So what are you waiting for? Come visit us at Sorrento Pizza in Concord today! With our convenient location and friendly staff ready to serve you, we guarantee that you’ll leave satisfied and eager to come back for more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the origin of the name “Sorrento”for the pizza restaurant?

You asked about the origin of the name ‘Sorrento’ for a pizza restaurant. Unfortunately, I cannot provide an answer without more context as there are likely multiple restaurants with that name.

Do they offer gluten-free pizza options?

Looking for gluten-free pizza options? Sorrento Pizza in Concord, MA has got you covered. They offer a variety of gluten-free crusts and toppings to choose from so you can still enjoy your favorite pizza!

What is the average wait time for a table during peak hours?

During peak hours, the average wait time for a table at Sorrento Pizza in Concord, MA can vary depending on how busy it is. However, you can expect to wait around 20-30 minutes before being seated.

Is there a dress code for the restaurant?

There is no dress code for the restaurant. You can come dressed in whatever makes you comfortable. Enjoy your meal without worrying about what to wear!

Do they offer any vegan or vegetarian pizza options?

Yes, they offer both vegan and vegetarian pizza options. You can enjoy delicious pies topped with fresh veggies and plant-based cheese alternatives. They’re perfect for a meatless meal or those with dietary restrictions.


So there you have it! You now know all about Sorrento Pizza in Concord, MA.

From its rich history to its commitment to quality ingredients, this pizzeria has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a classic cheese pizza or something more adventurous like the ‘Meat Lover’s’ pie, Sorrento Pizza has got you covered.

With multiple dining options available and glowing customer reviews and testimonials, it’s no wonder why Sorrento Pizza has become a staple in the community.

And don’t forget about their online ordering system, loyalty programs, specials, and deals – making it even easier to enjoy your favorite pizza on-the-go.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to Sorrento Pizza today and taste for yourself why they’re one of the best pizzerias around!

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